" DEPCOT envisions a thriving society with strengthened resilience and improved quality of life for all "

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Background Information 

DEPCOT, or Development Path for Community Transformation, is a dynamic hybrid organisation driving social change in Uganda. Since our establishment in 2010 (Reg. No. 80020001171879 with Uganda Registration Services Bureau), we have been committed to fostering holistic empowerment and sustainable development across vulnerable communities. Operating as both social enterprise and nonprofit, DEPCOT addresses a diverse range of thematic areas. From promoting education access and sustainable livelihoods to environmental protection and healthcare initiatives. We are committed to uplifting communities comprehensively. Our certificate of registration, numbered 2900, and our work permit numbered 3809, were issued by the National Bureau for NGOs, with File No. MIA/NB/2011/01/2933. At the core of our operations are our values: equity, innovation, sustainability, professionalism, voluntarism, and teamwork. Through strategic objectives rooted in community empowerment and social justice, DEPCOT is driving tangible change, paving the way for a brighter and a more sustainable future for Uganda

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Mission Statement

"To holistically empower vulnerable communities through education, sustainable livelihoods, promotion of human rights, environmental protection and health initiatives, fostering resilience and improving quality of life"

Operating Principles 

Impartiality, Voluntarism and Neutrality 

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We provide teachers with refresher trainings on foundation literacy and numeracy, incorporating TaRL methodology 

Human Rights 

 We promote and protect human rights through advocacy, education, and facilitating access to legal services

Sustainable Livelihood

We offer training programs to equip individuals with marketable skills relevant to local industries such as agriculture, crafts, small-scale manufacturing, tourism, or the service sector to mention 

Natural Conservation

DEPCOT implements projects that are geared towards restoring key ecosystems such as forests, wetlands, coral reefs, mangroves, grasslands through habitat restoration, reforestation, and biodiversity 

Health Care 

We conduct health education sessions and awareness campaigns to educate communities about preventive health practices, including hygiene, nutrition, family planning and the importance of seeking timely medical care

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Core Values 

Equity and Justice  

Creativity and Innovation


  1. Excellence and Professionalism 
  1. Voluntarism
  1. Teamwork
  1. Respect for Humanity 
  1. Integrity and Transparency 
  1. Commitment to Ethical Conduct 
  1. Zero Tolerance for Corruption 
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Current Milestones 

Grassroots Nest for Innovations and Change (GRIC) in collaboration with Foundation for Inclusive Community Help (FICH); 2021 to date. Supporting vulnerable children from rural communities to access foundational literacy and numeracy

ENventure; 2019 to date. Supporting DEPCOT with scaling up production and distribution of improved cooking stoves 

Global Land Care Inc; 2023. Provided DEPCOT with funds to for encountering Invasive plant species through active promotion of local ones 

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Next Milestones 

Enhance Educational Outcomes 

Goal: Improve foundational literacy and numeracy for vulnerable children, ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment 


Beneficiaries: Reach 10,000 children (5,000 males & 5,000 females)

Teacher training: Train 50 teachers annually in TaRL methodology

School management: Train 200 members of School Management Committees and Parents Teachers Association each year

Safe Learning Environment: Expand Journeys and Sports4Change methodologies to 30 schools in rural areas 

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A group of women being trained on bread making as an alternative source of income aimed at improving their financial well-being, fostering social-economic inclusion  

Grassroots Nest for Innovation and Change (GRIC) in collaboration with Foundation for Inclusive Community Help (FICH); 2021 to date supporting vulnerable children from rural communities of Kole District to access foundational literacy and numeracy 

A pick-up truck loaded with sustainable cook stoves manufactured, marketed and distributed by DEPCOT with a brand name of Planet Cook Stoves

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